Adam White


  • Teaching people the Olympic lifts since 2012.

  • National level athlete, competing in the sport for the last eight years.

  • Owner of Stonehenge Weightlifting.

  • ​Treasurer of South Texas LWC

  • 2021 Texas State Champion

My goal is to continue building a team of lifters and help reach their full potential to compete at a National and International level.

Tina Martinez


  • Assistant coach at Stonehenge Weightlifting

  • Olympic weightlifting coach for two Years

  • Competitive athlete for three years

  • 2021 Texas State Masters Champion

  • 2021 State Record Holder

As a coach, I love to introduce beginners to Olympic weightlifting by making the sport accessible and fun. From there, I coach my athletes to reach their full potential and eventually become competitive lifters! My favorite lifts to teach are the snatch and split jerk. My goals include building a female youth team for Stonehenge and grow our competitive team!

Gabriel Sanchez


  • Actively strength training for the past ten years

  • Practicing the Olympic Weightlifting for three years

  • A year of personal training in both in-person and online

​My goal is to develop people who want to try a hand at Olympic Weightlifting, get strong, and improve their way of living.


  • USAW LV 1


  • Gymnastics Bodies LV 1

Charles Tayona



  • Fifteen years practitioner of various martial arts

  • Twenty-five years of strength training

  • 2016 Illinois State Masters Champion

  • 2021 Texas State Record Holder


Strength training has and will always be a big part of my life. My father had always encouraged me to actively participate in sports and other physical activities for as long as I can remember. That encouragement developed a love for personal development and an ongoing curiosity to see how far I can push my limits. One of my life's interests is to help others achieve and pursue their aspirations, whatever they may be. I started training Olympic Weightlifting in 2014, and I currently compete as a Masters athlete in the M40 division.