Our 2-hour workshop is designed to help you take your snatch and clean and jerk to the next level.

This workshop is for beginner to intermediate weightlifting/Crossfit athletes.


How does this work? 

This workshop runs for 2 hours 

Week 1- We focus on the receiving position of both lifts ensuring the athlete has the proper mobility and stability to execute the lifts.

  • Each athlete will learn 3 mobility stability drills specific to their needs to help improve their receiving position.

  • Movements such as Overhead squat, Snatch balance, Front Squat.

  • Snatch and Clean will be performed from the hip/power position.


Week 2- We will utilize blocks to reinforce correct positioning above the knee. We will introduce the jerk.

  • Snatch and Cleans will be performed from blocks above the knee.

  • Split jerk drills will be used to ensure correct dip and split positions.

Week 3- Athletes will be performing lifts from below the knee, utilizing blocks, hang and full lifts from the floor. 

Week 4- We will be integrating all positions to lift from the floor. 

  • Full snatch and Clean and Jerk movements.