Adam White


Head Coach

Adam started weightlifting in 2011, he and a group of friends found weightlifting on youtube and really wanted to try it out. Being in a small town in Wisconsin there was no place within 100 miles to do it. So they started their own garage gym.




His entire life has revolved around weightlifting since. 

In 2013 he packed up his equipment, moved to Austin and started training people out of a friends garage until 2014 when he met 2-time Olympian Chad Vaughn. 

From 2014 till 2017 he trained under Chad and collaborated with him.




He and Chad made youtube videos on all things weightlifting primarily focusing on the squat.

They had a podcast together where they interviewed lifters and Physical therapists such as Kendrick Farris and   Dr. Arron H from Squat U!




Through those years Adam was running his own weightlifting program out of Batcity Crossfit. He coached a great group of athletes most of which are still with him today! 

Adam opened Stonehenge in 2018, where he coaches weightlifters of all levels.




(920) 896-2438

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