Youth & Junior Training

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Youth Level 1
Age: 8-10
2x per Week
The goal of our Youth Level 1 program is to expose kids to fundamental body weight movements needed for safe and productive weight training.
This program also includes the use of PVC pipes and wooden dowels to teach the basic technique work for the snatch and the clean & jerk.
Junior Team Level 1
Age: 10-14
2x per Week
The goal of our Junior Team Level 1 program is to get kids familiarized with the barbell. They will perform basic strength training and start working on technique needed for the Olympic lifts.
Junior Team Level 2
Age: 12-15
3x per Week
The goal of our Junior Team Level 2 program is to teach the athlete how to perform the full Olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk from the floor).
This program continues the emphasis on strength training.
Junior Team Level 3
Age: 12-16
3-4x per Week
The goal of our Junior Team Level 3 program is to get the athlete competing. The athlete will be on a periodized program that will have them practicing the Olympic lifts from all positions.
The athlete will have a heavy emphasis on strength training in order to eliminate any weaknesses they may have.

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