Stonehenge Group Classes

Build a foundation

Our group classes are designed for anyone looking to dabble in the art of Olympic Weightlifting.

Our goals for you in this class is to learn the following

The correct receiving position of both lifts ensuring the athlete has the proper mobility and stability to execute the lifts.

How we utilize blocks to reinforce correct positioning above and below the knee for the Snatch and Clean.

Proper dip, drive, and footwork for the split jerk 

We will be integrating all positions to lift from the floor. 

All of our exercise selection for the class are scalable for all levels. 

Class times: 

Monday-Tuesday-Thursday 6 pm- 7 pm

Saturday `10:30-11:30 am


2x per week $75 Per month

3x per week $100 per month

Unlimited $125 per month

To sign up or inquire about group classes send us an email.